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Whew I am a slacker


By Gianna. / 8 years ago / In: College , General ,



So, things never seem to calm down around here!  It’s insane how many things come up in a day for me haha.  Oh well, that’s life, right?  It took me about an hour to finally log in today, after I had forgotten my password and had to wait for an email to let me know what the temp one would be.

I am totally stressing today because I still have to record my V-Day video, and I am nervous that it won’t be a good one!  I hope it will be, I am going to take extra time with it.  If any of you are wondering why I don’t have any recent videos posted, it’s because I can’t upload videos in my clips account for some reason.  Don’t fret, I am working out the issues right now, and hopefully I will be ready to go in a short while.  

Other than that, school is keeping me very busy this semester.  I have class every day and on mondays I don’t get out until almost 5pm.  Normally, that’s not a bad schedule, however I usually take online classes.  I have rarely been on campus for classes.  I prefer to do things solo.  It’s nice to work around my schedule, and I have always found it easier to teach myself.  This semester I forgot to register during the online registration time, so all my classes were taken.  i had to piece together a crappy schedule for this semester.  Oh well, it’s only going to last for 3 months or so.  I am excited to almost have a degree!  Not much longer.  That will make me the first person on my mom’s side of tha family to earn a degree, which is a pretty big accomplishment to them.  I can’t wait to make them proud!  

Next time my blog will definitely be more interesting, trust me.  I have some good stories for you!


<3 Gianna

Like this:

  • I love online classes too, no group projects! Good luck this semester.