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time sure flies!


By Tori / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I have such a headache :(. I know I say this all the time, but growing up is tough! I’ve been going nonstop the past few days. Today, I spent hours in the car running errands with my poor boyfriend (my car isn’t fixed yet so he’s very sweet and takes me everywhere I need to go). I went to my new school, just a community college but it’s the best in the county, picked up a paycheck, picked up job applications, and then picked up my little brother to spend some time with him. He’s 17 years old and in the fiesty teenage stage, he just wants to go out and party and be a bad boy haha! I worry about him though, he has more of a “follower” personality and his friends are trouble makers. They go around starting fights and causing all kinds of havoc. Boys will be boys, I guess =P.

I’m also a little upset because my Lakers lost to the Bobcats :(. Screw you, Bobcats! The Lakers played lazy and Pau Gasol played horribly! The game was fun though, it went to double overtime. Ariza left the game due to a concussion and Kobe fouled out (personally, that was bullshit). I made a post in the forums about the Lakers’ loss tonight, and Tracy was right there to gloat (he’s a Cavs fan). Speaking of the forums, tomorrow I’m posting my ask & answer video log, so keep an eye out for that! I have some pretty good questions, can’t wait for you to see that.

Tomorrow I work, starting at 4pm. I love my new job, my coworkers are all so fun and friendly. The salon is high-end and all the stylist do amazing work. I can’t decide who I want to do my hair, but someone is going to do a full makeover on me. We’re going to cut all the damaged/split hair, permanently straighten it, color it, and add extensions. What a process! Good thing I get an amazing discount and 50% off all products. The only bad part is that I’m the youngest employee, at 19 years old, and everyone else is at least 21+. So, when they all go out together to the bars or club, I’m the only one who can’t go :(! Actually, maybe that’s a good thing because instead of going out and spending money and being a drunken fool, I should be home on the chats and forums with all of you!

Well, I have 10 million more things to do tomorrow. When will this ever end?! I have to go to the DMV and then there’s a position at a lingerie store I’m really fighting for, so I need to go and speak with the manager there. I must be crazy because I shouldn’t be looking for another job with the way my schedule will be next month. I’m taking 6 classes, working at the salon, and camming. The way I see it is that I’m young and motivated, so why not? Being busy is the best thing for me, anyway.

Superbowl is Sunday! I’m not that into football, I’m not even sure who’s playing, how sad (lol). I’m going to my parent’s place to watch the game on a big 60 inch screen. My mom’s building is throwing a party, it’s a luxury building that caters to rich elitists, and should be a fun time. I’m hungry! Munchies time!

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