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House Hunting!


By Lux / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry I never post, I always forget my password here I’m a dumbie!

Anyways, with the new season and the economy I have decided to invest in a condo with my dad.

I live in a city where housing is excruciatingly expensive so with the help of the economy (this is the only time I will be thankful for that) prices here have gone down a bit and things are more affordable.

I finally found a place i ABSOLUTELY love, it’s a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo, brand new with a gourmet kitchen and dark stained wood. It’s very small compared to what a lot of people can get but it’s perfect.

I have to wait a few weeks and then battle out a ton of people for it, I can’t go into much detail here but basicly these units are being sold for a great price because there was an issue with money so they were ordered to sell them. The open house was mad there were tons of people there and on the date it’s a first come first serve, so I’m going to potentially have to camp out to claim my spot.

I’m so excited to move out and away from my dumb ass roomates, to finally have complete control over noise, mess, garbage, toilet seats etc. And best of all this place is somewhere very fun so I will have lots to do, lots of fun places to walk, and lots of people watching. The building has a gym which is helpful because somedays it’s just such a pain in the ass to go outside in the cold and drive to the gym (mine is kinda far so I have to drive)

And best of all, I will have a master bathroom with a big glass shower and soaker tub so I can do lots of fun chats! Yay.

I’m going to Hawaii in may, wonder if I’ll run into any of you there :p, I’m excited because although I’ve traveled to many places, I’ve never been to Hawaii before. I’m going to take lots of beach photos and content.

My dogs are finally starting to behave themselves but for some reason my Chihuahua (who is fixed) likes to hump olive, I read that it is a dominance thing and the Chihuahua is saying WASSUP BITCH I OWN YOU WUT WUT! As long as she doesn’t start humping people I may allow her to get away with it. It’s funny watching her do it because she gets this side smirk on her face and looks hilarious like she’s doing some stand up comedy skit.

Time for me to shower and stress out more about this condo!


Like this:

  • my mom’s chihuahua (female) does the same thing to the french bulldog (male). little freaky things

  • Lux

    lol yeah they are nutty!