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yay, a post!


By Tori / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I’m watching “Lost Tapes” on Animal Planet, it’s scaring me! I’m not the nature-type, at all. The worst thing someone could do is take me camping… I’m just not into it. I don’t like the bugs, squatting to pee (I always miss), and the lack of technology. I like going to the beach, going to the dog park, even a nice (tiny) hike, but nothing for extended periods of time in the wilderness. Plus, I’m really not trying to be mauled by a bear or attacked by a mountain lion.

Anyway, I’m going to sound really ignorant if I don’t talk about the inauguration. I set an alarm to wake up at 8:55am and I watched President Obama get sworn into service. Something about Obama just inspires me, I have a new sense of hope and motivation whenever I watch and listen to him speak. Let’s be realistic, though. He’s not some messiah who’s going to cure the world’s problems in a split second. President Obama has a shitload of HARD work ahead of him. I think he’s going to do well and that we’re going to see some necessary change. You can only do your part as an individual and hope for the best!

I quit my job and got a new one. I went from being a cashier at a shit environment to a receptionist at a high-end location. Now I can get my hair done really nice and for a very cheap price. I’m actually getting my hair changed tomorrow or the next day, not quite sure what I’ll be doing. I just want to get my hair healthy, it’s fried from straightening it on a daily basis. And I’m sick of having dark hair, it’s been black and dark brown for 2+ years! Very boring (yawn).

I’ve also been preparing to start school again. About damn time! I went to school for a year from 2007-2008 and HATED it! Then, there were family problems, I moved out and tried to survive on my own (which I was able to do, but I was living the very, very poor and budgeted life [lol]) and I wasn’t able to afford school. Things are getting a lot better, and I start class February 9th for 1 class and then the 17th for the others. I’m taking A LOT of classes, 6 to be exact! Crap, that’s 18 units. I’m already working two jobs, between being a receptionist and camming, but I’m also on the hunt for another job. Hey, it’s hard being 19 and “independent”! But I’m willing to do what it takes, even if it means not being able to sleep or have much of a social life (shrug). Whatever, time to start maturing and being more of an adult instead of acting like one.

I’m a little excited for school because of the classes I’m taking, not so much the actual homework and studying, but what I’m actually going to learn. I’m scheduled to take an introductory business class, business law, principles of marketing, principles of selling, marketing promotion, and business English. If you haven’t guessed, I’m a business/marketing major! I’m also studying fashion merchandising, but that’s on the sideline for now. Guess how much my books cost for this semester alone…. if you guessed $700+ dollars, you’re right! Ha, starting tomorrow I’ll be on cam whenever I can.

Other than that, I haven’t been feeling too well this week. Anytime I eat, no matter what I’m eating, I get these horrible stomach aches and I want to vomit (but can’t). I get pale and start shaking, it’s just not fun. It’s also been making me extremely tired! But I’m appreciative for my good days, trying to stay positive and beat whatever the hell this is!

Perfect timing, I’m finished with this and Kanye is performing on MTV for the Inaugural Ball. What an honor for Kanye! Nice fro, Kanye!

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