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2009 is starting off just fine….


By Sabrina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Heh, that was supposed to rhyme but aside from the lackluster (lol) poetry SKILLZ, 2009 is pretty good. A couple weeks ago, I went to a mini-high school reunion at a bowling alley. It was pretty fun. I hadn’t seen most of these people in 4-5 years and while I despised high school and most of the people who went to mine, it was fun to get out. We watched some football in the bar and then cosmic bowled but my game was horrible. The first five tries, I had nothing but gutter balls. My second game was much better & and I even got a couple strikes. I’m much better at Wii bowling 🙂

I went to a party for New Years Eve at my friend’s house who I hadn’t seen in five years. She still lives at home so most of the guests were her parents’ friends. Her family is Russian and damn, I had never seen so much vodka in one place in my life. And these guests can drink! Haha they didn’t leave the house until 5am. I used to be semi-fluent in Russian but now I’m rusty. I used a little of it at her party and still got compliments on my pronounciation – so I guess it’s not THAT bad. I was thinking of taking a Russian language class at my local community college because I already know the basics and how to write the Cyrillic alphabet. Easy A, eh?

Today some friends and I went to the Natural History Museum. I hadn’t been to a museum for a few years so it was nice enlightening my mind a bit 😛 Strangely enough, my friends & I had more fun in the children’s part of the museum because its theme was Ancient Egypt and you could build your own pyramid with blocks. While our pyramid was kind of crooked, we still managed to make it. We also dressed up as Ancient Egyptians. Fun 😀

My friend’s 23rd birthday celebration is this Saturday. A group of friends and I are going to a bar that also boasts some pretty good pizza (according to the online reviews) 😉 so I’m anticipating that.

I may go snowboarding later this month with my friend. Granted, Ive never been snowboarding but hell, I’ll try! Even if I fall and perhaps tumble down the slopes a few times. Anyway, it’s fun being out of the house spending time with friends. I’m more happy when I’m social 😛

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