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Happy new year!


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Heyyyy there!  Long time no blog! lol.  I’m currently making coffee, then I have to shower, get ready for class and you know…all that fun stuff.  Things have been stressful even though it’s a new year already hah.  My resolution for the new year is to get things 100% back on track which means I really have to discipline myself and buckle down hardcore.  Sounds easy- and normally it would be but, for some reason as of late- it’s just been not so easy for me.  It basically means doing what I already had been doing for the past 3 years or so and just working really hard non stop with anything I do.  I guess I needed a little break with school and everything and things just piling up and going wrong, well…I guess I cracked under all the pressure and gave up on things in sort of a way.  I know that sounds bad and it is.

BUT…it’s a new year and time to get out of the blahhhhhness that I’ve been stuck in.  So starting right now today- that’s my goal, and I have to work really really hard to do everything I know I need and want to do so that things can get back to how they were before! I’ve never experienced a long drawn out blahhhh period where I just don’t get done what needs to be, I guess it was a long time coming after the years of being in that oh-so all work/no play type of attitude.    I Can’t really make excuses for myself and of course I’m the hardest on myself for it…so now all I can do is slap myself and get back into things and just do what needs to be done (so to speak lol).

Anyway, other than that whole spiel, things are going alright I guess…meatball is out in the living room doing something, my sister’s dog is probably out there terrorizing the house.  He’s a beast.  He should never be let out of his cage imo.  He rips up everything, ruins things, tears up carpet, anything you can think of that he could do badly-he does.  Like the dog in marley & me.  Seriously!  I got home and my blanket from my bed was pulled into the hallway because beasley loves to do that.  I was like what the fuck!  also there was a collection of throw blankets from the couch in my room, along with some torn up paper shreds and some other crap like toys and whatnot too.  I mean…he gets a lot of exercise, has enough toys, gets played with a lot…I don’t know why he’s such a damn terrorist dog!  he constantly is play fighting and acting hyperactively psychotic at any given time.  Maybe she needs to get him “fixed” and he’d calm down?  I think it could only help, and he should be anyway.  If that doesn’t work I don’t know what will.  hah.

Oh yeah…I’m blonde again.  I’ll have to put up pics later because right now I have to shower and prepare for class.  ttyl guys! 🙂

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  • Maango

    Welcome back Jenn. 🙂

    We all need a break from the grind from time to time and sometimes even though it hurts financially or whatever it pays off in the sanity department lol.

    Hopefully you can get things back on track in a reasonable time frame. 🙂