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Blizzardy poop doodies poo


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General , P-Chats



So the snow is lovely and all. I like snow for Xmas, and it’s nice to look out the window and see the snow glowing in the moonlight and all that cheesy goodness. All that aside, I’m kinda P.O’d at Mother Nature right now. A couple family members that live a few hours away had to change their holiday plans due to the horrible roads and weather forecast. Sooooo I won’t be seeing them for Christmas.~~~~>_<~~~~ I’m bummed about that mess.

Good news is I’m almost done shopping aside from a few small items I’ll be picking up on Monday. Thank goodness gracious. My Mom and I shopped for 6 hours last Wednesday. We had a great time though. It’s rarely ever just me and my Mom. And no one else can handle being out for six hours without complaining. Haha. We had drinks at lunch, got tipsy and acted like assholes. I lubz my Ma. She’s crazy as hell, but I’m really glad we get along so well these days.

Blah I’m on p chats and a bit bored and lonely. Good thing I gotz the forums to keep me company! Ehehehehehe I’m a sad individual. Oh wells. I like me. So suck it!!

Oh. . . and proof I rule your jock so hard below.

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  • steveothegreat

    Lookin smokin hot bb!

  • Arika

    woo, hello kitty & boobies!

  • elsewhererox

    i absolutely love your blog pics!!

  • Andrew

    Christ you are gorgeous! I could look at you for the rest of my life.