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Why oh why. . .


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General , Pictures



. . .am I awake? It’s 4am!!

I was so so so cold last night. I had to run my sister to her university to pick up her portfolio, because she’s on break for two weeks. The roads were so bad, and everyone was driving like a fucking moron. You’d think all the drivers here would be used to winter roads by now.

So I took yesterday off, and today I’m taking off as well. Usually I take of mon/tues, but my Mom wanted to do Xmas shopping today. I haven’t even started!! Well I got my sisters gift, but I had to order that early. I got her a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet. Hopefully she doesn’t read this. . . I doubt she does.

So I slept like 5 hours. I suppose that’s sufficient enough, but I hate going to bed TOO early. So I’m going to have to try to keep myself up tonight. Coffee, coffee, coffeeeee!!

Did I mention I love blog comments? Total whore for it.

Like this:

  • Damien

    Haha I was reading your blog posts from the rss feed didn’t even know it was possible to post comments here! ;D
    Going for Xmas shopping tomorrow night! Enough procrastinating! 😛
    I hate driving when it’s cold or rainy… had an awful accident under the rain… I’m effing cautious now. 😀

  • Maango

    I have one of those tablets too! You should introduce me to her. I bet we’re like peas in a pod. 😀


    I haven’t done any shopping yet and am unlikely to get any significant shopping done till Monday/Tuesday of next week. :\

  • ragu

    i will not comment on your blog postings

  • Courlin(James)

    I dont get to read them often but when I do I try to comment *blows Vi a kiss*
    Hope your xmas shopping wasnt too hectic! I hate doing it so I try not to lol. And I know I never tell you this but you are just too sexy to be true…too sexy indeed

  • Violet

    Awwwsss all the comments. I feel so loved. <33 Spanks Damien, Eddie, Rubie, and James. Nice to know you read my silly blog entries.

    And F JU ruben! No more tea bagging for ju!

    My feet freakin hurt. Xmas shopping was tiring. 6 damn hours of walking, and standing in lines on very little sleep.

    Eddie quit pervin on my sister. lol j/k j/k

  • ragu

    my text entry doesn’t count as a comment

  • Tyler

    dont become caffiene dependant now! like those peopel who get up without a cup of coffee or a can of pepsi, yes I have heard of poeple who need pepsi in the morning! No sleep sucks too, I had reserves last weekend and the first night I have like 2 hours of sleep the next night was like 4, I almost fell asleep while on fire picket at 4 in the morning, once you get halfway through the day it’s not so bad though! 😀

  • Andrew

    I bet your lips taste so good!