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blah diddy blah blah


By jazmin / 8 years ago / In: Entertainment , Free Content , General



I have nothing good for a title.  Ha.


So christmas is just around the corner and I really can’t believe it.  I swear it was just xmas about a month ago, lol.  It comes faster and faster.  It’s hard to beleive it will be 2009.  I feel like I just graduated from high school.  Ah, se la vi…


I don’t know what I want to do for New Years.  Last year I went to a big club and did the whole VIP thing, but it wasn’t that much fun.  Well, it was fun, but it didn’t feel like New Years, just like another night out at the club.  If I had more of my good friends living close by, I’d have a party.  It’s safer that way and usually more fun.  No waiting in line, fighting your way to the bar for a drink or the bathroom to pee, or dealing with drunk fools.  Lol.  What to do, what to do?!?  Actually I think getting dressed up and going to a nice hotel with the whole champagne toast might be fun, classy and a bit calmer.  Then I could just stay at the hotel instead of driving home… This may be the plan for this year. 

So, I think I’m running out of ideas for clips.  You guys should give me some suggestions.  One of my coupon winners from my mchat won a clip request and he asked for me to do a school girl clip.  I still have to do it.  I will try to get it done this week and make it fun and sexy. 

I just watched the movie, “House Bunny”.  In case you haven’t seen it, it’s about a girl that is an orphan.  When she turns 18 she ends up going to live at the playboy mansion and has a great life.  Until her 27th birthday when she gets booted out.  So she needs somewhere to live and stumbles upon some sorority houses at a college.  She finds out that each house has “house mothers” and wants to be one so she can live in the house.  The only one that will have her is a house full of sort of dorky ugly duckling girls.  So it’s all about her making them cool, sexy and popular so they don’t lose their charter.  It was really cute and funny.  I liked it so much I’ve already watched it twice.  Hahahaha.  I do that a lot.  I watch movies I’ve already seen over and over again.  Hope that doesn’t mean something about me.  I promise I don’t have the memory of a gold fish, but I know I don’t have that of an elephant… Oh well. 

Well I’m going to finish cleaning my place and get back online.  Hope I see you in a pchat real soon… and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Oh, and I still don’t know how to post pix on here.  I’ll figure that out for my next blog. 




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