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Peppermint Keeeesess


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General , Humor



I’ve been craving peppermint EVERYTHING lately. I have this vision of a peppermint cake I want to make for Christmas dinner. I think it’ll include white cake, and white chocolate, and crushed peppermint candies. I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll find a good recipe and I won’t have to create my own. I’m browsing right now for new holiday recipes. I really want my family to have an amazing holiday this year. Last year was so sad. . .

Tell me my tree doesn’t make you want to eat sugary things? *^_^* Yummers!

So I finished my Xmas vid for CWH, but I’m not so happy with it. I’ve been pretty sick, so I wasn’t feeling so hot when I made it. You guys will have to tell me what you think when it’s released. I did find the perfect song! Not sure if it’ll be used. Sometimes putting music on vids is iffy, because of copyright laws and what not. So I did edit a version without music as well. I have some digi pics of me in my costume I need to upload too!

I slept all day, because I was awake forever working on my vid and editing and all that. I really would like to go to bed soon, (it’s 1:45am) and p chat all day tomorrow. I owe Uncle Sam lot’s of dough, and I’m skeered. (x(x_(X_x(O_o)x_x)_X)x)

Soooo come see me in VIP cuz I’m hawt stuff and all that jazz! Mmmmm bewbs n’ butt.

Like this:

  • Romy

    I love your tree! I want to eat it! The peppermint cake sounds soooooo yummy! If you find a good recipe post it! xoxoxox


  • Courlin(James)

    hehe well the tree is different but cute! I am with Romy on the cake it sounds sooo good hehe. And I love all the beautiful pics you post *drools*

  • Silvia

    Wtf??? I’ve been looking for a pink tree lol. I saw it once in a photoshoot

  • Maango

    My grandmother and dad make an awesome ice cream cake thingy with lots of peppermint. 😀