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Sooo close


By dahlia / 8 years ago / In: General ,



The begining of December has been such a tease for me. Schools almost out (only 2 more days of torture, yay!), Christmas is coming up, and I’m finally almost 21. I just wish I had a remote control to speed things up so I can get through the icky part. My bottom is constantly red from just sitting at my desk and studying over anything and everthing. At least I’m done with two of my finals. I kicked ass at my ecology and biochem exams 🙂 All I have left is Honors Engineering & Design and Microbiology. Then freedom!!!! And of course my MEMBERCHAT THIS WEDS AT 4:30 wooohooooo! Be there! I have some cute costumes I’ll be wearing (yeah I know, I’m a sucker for dressing up) so your not gonna want to miss this xmas special hehe… I’ll also be doing cheap chats that day = bonus fun!

So while procrastinating from studying I’ve been burning my house down, well kinda; I was making some awesome awesome cupcakes which maybe aren’t so awesome now but I tried lol; ( I threw away the burnt ones) Boy, do I love being a klutz. Trouble always seems to find me. Anywho, thats about all for today!

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