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i’m alive, promise


By Tori / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Happy Holidays! Wow, I can’t wait until 2008 is over :(. This year sucked balls for me, it’s been very shitty. Bad things tend to pile on and it’s starting to become a little much… But hey, I guess you’re never given what you can’t handle & I’ll make it through all of this bad stuff soon.

So what exactly has been going on? Well, my health has been deteorating before my eyes. The doctors thought that I had cancerous cysts in my ovaries. Good news, they’re not cancerous and they [cysts] come & go, but now we have no idea what’s wrong with me. It’s not an ulcer, indigestion, etc. All the doctors seem to be able to come up with is “stress”. All I know is that my hair has turned into straw & EVERY time after I eat, I get horrible stomach aches. I’m also having headaches, anxiety, and am sometimes paranoid that someone is following me!!

I guess it could be stress… I have a lot of worries concerning money, school, growing up, family… My family and I aren’t talking and to be malicious, they took  away the car & phone they gave me for 2 years! What the eff! Who does that? Anyway, I’m on the hunt for a THIRD job to pay off my $3,000+ in medical bills, school, etc.

Just keep me in your prayers, please :).

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