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By Ember Reigns / 8 years ago / In: General ,

Ember Reigns

Ember Reigns

I always feel better when UPS makes a stop at my house 🙂 And yesterday it did:) So did USPS, and Fedex 🙂 When I went to walk my dogs at 4 I had several boxes sitting on my doorstep. One was taller than me and kind of smallish width-wise…so I got excited because I thought someone had ordered my stripper pole for me:) I did my lil Happy Dance in my entryway and drug all the boxes inside. BUT-when I looked to see who the tall box was from, I discovered that it was most likely NOT a stripper pole. It was from my mother-in-law. Thoughts of her finding my wishlist raced through my head-but there is no way she would buy me that! (That kind of gift is for SINNERS-bahahaha). Anywho, I opened it up and pulled out a rug! Yep-a rug-in fact THE rug. Last time I was up north, I saw this rug and I wanted it right away, but since it was soooo expensive I would have to pay another arm and a leg to get it home to Florida, I just admired it and moved on. It’s a very beautiful rug with large ornate seashells on it and actually matches my new Master Bedroom bedding Beautifully! SO even though the bedrooms in my house are already carpeted that is exactly where I put it! Right by my window, sitting area and one of the pool entrances. I quickly discovered that a Nekkid Ember looks reeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy good laying on it from a cam perspective 🙂
Other than the rug, I got a Thank You gift of some lotions and soaps for making and shipping a $200 Diaper Cake I spent 10 hours making for an expecting relative. It was filled with goodies for the new baby, games for the shower and very ornatell handmade by moi:) I gotta figure out how to post pics in this blog…
Then of course I got some clothes I ordered myself-new over the knee gray snakeskin high heel boots for my trip up north and some sexy sweaters.
I am still waiting for my Secret Santa gift to arrive so I can ship it out. I ordered it a while ago along with a surprise for the Husband which was ruined the same day when he checked our online accounts to see what online purchases were made…booooo…..he spoiled his Christaian Audiger Loafers that will go great with his jeans and Ed Hardy shirts. But either way, atleast I try to make my man stylish-he has no clue without me:) I took ten years off him this past month with a new wardrobe-bye bye ancient Old Navy outfits, hello distressed jeans, cool shirts and key Designer pieces;) Along with his makeover, he just joined a Wellness Center/Gym to help get rid of the gut he’s earned thanks to me not being able to cook and us living off mainly restaurant food and stuff that comes from Schwanns or a box:) I can make a great vegetable tray…but that isn’t really cooking. And since I don’t have time or the desire to learn to make big edible healthy meals, I think a nutritionist is in order. Especially since there is a few companies down here that will take your dietary information, prepare and deliver your meals. Might have to shove the hot pockets over a bit in the deep freezer…nah-I will just eat them:) The only thing that protrudes on me is my whoo haws 🙂

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