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love part2


By Steff / 8 years ago / In: General ,



   How do you give up on the love you posess for someone? Why is it that one person can walk away and another stays true? What is the difference in their genetic make-up that makes them take two different paths? I wonder who would be considered the stronger person. Is holding on and endlessly hoping their unconditonal affection will one day be returned a sign of strentgh ,or, is giving up and letting go the tougher of the two? It’s all so complicated and, actually, indescribable. Maybe it’s just that. Who can really describe it? What makes us stay when we should leave? What makes us give up when we should hold on?How do you know the difference? Anyone can say those three little words. I love you. How simple. They are only spoken. All you have to do is open your mouth and speak. They’ll come out without fail. But the feeling, the knowing, the yearning, the faith, that isn’t anything that can be said out loud. It must be shown. It must be constant. Knowing that even with consistancy, you could be dissapointed, even devastated. Some people are willing to take that giant leap of faith…. some others…. are just not built that way.

         Who knows and understands more? The person who wears their heart on their sleeve? Or.. the person who keeps it tucked deeply in their pocket?

  To the person who taught me to be inquisitive, loving and genuine. Who wanted me to always know that my heart was priceless, but someone who truly cared would find away to afford it.

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