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Ahh, silly puppies!


By Jenna / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Soo, I’m up at 7:30 AM. I am now a new owner of 2 7-week old black lab puppies! I just got both of them and their names are Bella and Holly. And no, I didn’t name Bella after Twilight (I actually really dislike the books/movie). Anyways, I don’t want to spend over $130 on getting a crate for them, and they’re good about not needing to use the potty when it’s bedtime. Though I’ll take them out right before I go to sleep, they’ll wake up 3-4 hours later with a huge burst of energy so they’ll start licking my fingers or nibble on my hand so basically they’re waking me up like ‘hey mom, we need to go potty!’ so I take them out, they do their thing, and they’re awake for about an hour then they’ll FINALLY pass out and give me peace 🙂 so I get the last of my shut eye after that. Bella is the stubborn one, she doesn’t really like to listen (plays deaf), she’s not big on cuddling and she’s definitely the dominant one. She’s pretty big for a 7 week old also.. She’s like a hulk next to Holly. Holly likes to follow people, she’s good about coming when you call her, and she definitely loves to cuddle.. last night she creeped up to my side and put her head on my shoulder and slept for like 2 hours like that haha. Anyways, they’re play fighting at the moment and I’m about to try to wear them out!

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