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By MIA / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Im thinking about getting the Iphone…..i want one so bad! Seems like everyone has that now! (or the new blackberry!!) I have the stupid black jack that I was soo excited to get like a year ago lol , but now its like EH! And on top of that it goes dead like once a day. Just shuts off or stalls..or it wont let me press any keys or make calls. I hate this phone! I have the worst luck with phones and cars, like really…is bad. So im weary about getting the Iphone and having it break on me! I was in the apple store not to l ong ago getting my ipod fixed (those break too LOL ) and the girl at the geek counter next to me broke her phone. they were like sorry miss, but youll have to purchase a new one, we dont cover this type of damage..she had dropped it or something in her purse. Im like, that would totally be m e! in the store having to buy a new iphone every few months for 500 bucks!! So many things to ponder about.

Like this:

  • Fred

    If you buy the iPhone from Best Buy, you can get insurance for the phone that pretty much covers anything that may happen to it. Is about $15/mo. But beats paying another $400-500 for a new one. I think it’s the only place that sells iPhone insurance.