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Fat Lip


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Entertainment , Free Content , General



So I punched myself in the mouth yesterday. I have no idea how the hell I did something so clumsy really, but it happened. I was giving myself a pedicure, and aggressively filing my soles to keep them nice and soft. All of the sudden POW knuckle to the mouth. It busted open on the inside and bled quite a bit. I have very thin blood though. So it looked worse that it actually is. My lips are also bruised. >_< Guess I’ll be wearing darker lip gloss until it fades. Oh well! I like darker shades in the fall/winter anyhow! Woo hoo!! 😛

So here’s pics of what I’m wearing on p chats. You can sorta make out the bruising, but we’ll pretend it’s a shadow. Haha.

Like this:

  • ragu

    god your smile just makes me melt, i love that first pic lots

  • Wow and dam sexy

  • drizz

    You mean those pouty lips aren’t because of colagen? Lol I know they’re not! I’ve done that a few times, I almost knocked myself out once trying to zip up a snagged zipper. 🙂


  • Thats great material, like your stuff, just passing to say hi!