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Thanksgiving in The Looney Bin


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General , Humor



So today I spent Thanksgiving at my parents house. Wow. Now I remember why I left home at 16! lol I love my family, don’t get me wrong. They’re seriously dysfunctional though, and they probably could use a full time psychiatrist on duty. My Dad got drunk, which is always fun at first. My Dad and I share a lot of the same taste in music, so we usually listen to some good tunes and talk about it. A few beers later my parents fought well before food was served. So I spent a good 30 mins convincing them to STFU so they don’t ruin the holiday.

Most memorable moment; Mom said something about a necklace she wanted, (maybe dropping xmas gift hints? hmmm) and my Dad told her he’d give her a PEARL NECKLACE. Ewwww. I wanted to fill my ears with super glue and bang my head on the table until the memory of those words disappeared. Instead I guzzled wine.

So then my Mom started freaking out over the turkey and the potatoes. She’s so frantic whenever she’s cooking a big meal, but her food always turns out great. She ended up having to cook the turkey an extra hour, because she estimated wrong. It’s been a while since she last made one.

Many F bombs were exchanged, everything calmed down, and we finally ate around 5pm. A whole lot of other fun looney crap went on, but I’ll spare you.

What was on the menu?

Turkey (of course)
Mashed potatoes
Turkey gravy
Green bean casserole
Sweet potato casserole – with sweet potatoes, pecans, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, butter, sugar and marshmallows baked into deliciousness mmm
Mac n’ cheese – seriously best mac n’ cheese EVAR!!!
Artichoke stuffing – my Dad didn’t like this, but I thought it was unique an tasty. Guess you have to be a fan of artichokes. It had all the typical stuffing ingredients + mushrooms and artichoke. Any way he hurt my Mom’s feelings. :*(
Various bread and dinner rolls
Cranberry sauce

Annnd for dessert. . . .
Cranberry dream salad – with fresh cranberries, whipped cream, marshmallows, bananas and other sweet goodness.
Pumpkin Pecan ice cream pie. Made from pumpkin and butter pecan ice cream. Yum yum.
And of course classic pumpkin pie.

Told ya my family is full of gluttons. *^_^* I probably forgot a few dishes too. Haha. All of it was fantastic.

So I packed up tons of left overs. I’ll be eating the same stuff for a week, but it’s some of my favorite foods. So I don’t really mind. We made a few plates and checked for some of the needy people that frequent the highway entrances, but they weren’t there. Hopefully they found some rest and good food for the holiday. I know it sounds kind of intrusive, but they sort of know us and they hold signs saying they’re hungry. lol So it’s not like we’re being assholes about it.

Oh! And sister has FIVE pet rats now. She’s just as bad as me. They’re all female and they live in a massive cage, but also spend a lot of time running around her room once they’re old enough to not poop everywhere. Their names are Mushu, Tofu, Psycholena, Kimchi, and Sushi. Poor Psycholena is the only rat that isn’t a dumbo ear breed and doesn’t have an Asian influenced name. Hahahaha. She’s so shy too. Must feel like an outcast.

Just in case your Thanksgiving was lame, I will leave you with a feast for your eyes.

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