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Time Flies


By Bri / 8 years ago / In: General ,



So this month has gone by soooo fast! I feel so rushed to get the rest of my school work finished before the semester is over. I still have a few HUGE projects to do that I’ve been working on; they just don’t seem to get any closer to being completed.

At the moment I’m working on this big project for Intercultural Communication. I have to do a presentation and annotated bibliography on India. It is a lot of fun and I’m learning a lot, but it is so time consuming!

I also have to start working on my end of the semester project for Organizational Communication, or communication in the workplace if you will. I need to write a research paper and do 2 interviews about motivation in the workplace.

On top of those projects I need to write 15 journal entries for Small Group communication and write a paper applying all the things I’ve learned in Intercultural Communication to my life. How I will use everything in my life. Although none of these 4 projects will be hard, time is running out to get them done. I’m so stressed out about it!

On a MUCH happier note, I finished Lego Batman on my 360! It was the sweetest game everrrr. haha! I tried playing The Force Unleashed again today, but I can’t aim very well, so every time I try to jump off one ledge to and on another I fall to my death and have to restart the whole level. It just doesn’t seem worth it! haha.

And now for the best news everrrrrr – I’m going to be in Vegas again when I get out of school (for the semester). It’ll be the perfect prize for getting all my work done. I am so excited to go back! I’ll be there for three days with the family, but I have friends who live there so I get to partayyyy hehe. I can’t even wait!

That’s all for now lovers. I’ll be writing again here soon, so feel free to hold your breath and whack it 😉
xoxo Bri

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