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Member Chat 10pm EST


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Events , Free Content , General



Spammin’ up the blog here to remind you guys about my member chat tonight at 10pm EST. I plan on getting soaking wet and naked, so don’t miss out. 😉

Today I slept in until 1pm, but I didn’t fall asleep until 8am. So I guess I’ll take a nap. Wow my life is fascinating!!

Oh wait here’s awesome news. . . one of the cats puked on the floor this morning. I think it’s because I gave them tuna as a treat. Must’ve upset their bellies. :’-( So I had the joyous task of cleaning that along with the normal litter box poo today. Speaking of poo, here’s an amazing instructional video regarding the subject. Including very talented animated Japanese tiger actors!

How To Poop

Hrrrmmm. Thanksgiving is coming up. I’ll be going over my parents house. Sadly our plans got all screwy, so no one but immediate family will be there. Fine with me though. My Mom and I still plan on making tons of food, and we’re all going to stuff ourselves silly. I’m sure I’ll have a massive list to share later. A few dishes we have planned are artichoke stuffing, cranberry dream salad, pumpkin pecan pie, classic pecan pie, turkey of course. . . I can’t remember what else. All the normal stuff. Way too much.

Honestly I was going to volunteer at a soup kitchen type thing to serve the needy, but I couldn’t pass up my Moms cooking. ~~~~>_<~~~~ I am ashamed. I think I may take a plate to a few of the people that hang out around the highway exits near here. I’m not sure if they’re alcoholic bums or what, but they’re clearly misfortunate. So we give them a few bucks here and there, or sometimes I’ll go buy them a burger and fries and take it to them. It’s getting so cold here now, and I can’t stand seeing these middle aged to elderly people out there freezing. It’s not like they’re punk kids with a crack habit. These people have been dealt a shitty hand.

Signing off with some recent pics as always •^_^•

Like this:

  • drizz

    I wish I could catch your show tonight, god knows I need a dose of tita lovin, but I’m stuck at school :/ I feel the same way about Thanksgiving as you do! It’s kind of bittersweet. I am having a traditional Mexican infused dinner, turkey tamales, all sorts of stuff but I can’t help but think of the people who won’t. I want to give this year so I might have my mom make an extra batch and some warm atole, mmm. Have a great mchat and an even better turkey day tita! Woo.


  • Cool stuff. Enjoy being home with the fam, and thought your wanting to do something for the homeless dudes was ultra sweet,…most of us at CBS TV/Radford are zipping to the Union Mission to serve up dinner on Turkey Day. Gotta catch you on one of your shows,……Hasta la Pasta!, Parker