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By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Ok so…I think I’ve changed what I want to do with my cosmetology education…I’ve noticed already what I feel like I enjoy doing most even though I’m not close to being done haha.  Originally I wanted to do the hair/makeup for photos/movies/fashion…now I’m not so sure that’s what I really want.

I know I don’t want to be in a salon because it’s just not really my thing but I know I’ll have to start there which is fine and I’ll do it and be good at it, just won’t really “love it” but I’ll like it well enough because it’s still doing what I’ve been doing which isn’t bad. 🙂

Buttt….what I really really wanna do is something similar* to competition…basically when you do those you get to draw out and design exactly what you’re going to do and plan it all out….figure out how etc. etc. after thinking and imagining what it is you’d like to do…and then you do it and get to see the result and of course enter it in competition and hope yours is cool enough to win…Well that’s the most fun thing to me all around (even if I wouldn’t have won our first contest I’d still find it the most fun because it just is to me)…and I was thinking what sorta jobs would be similar and I came up wiitthhhh….something like a “creative trends designer” or something?

I don’t know what the title is for this job I’d want but I know it is a real job out there.  Basically I’d work for some company and get to design and think up trendy or creative new wave things and then do them on people or maybe a mannequin first (don’t know) and it’d all be going towards selling the company’s hair product I’m guessing, unless it was for sayyyy a magazine maybe or something?  I’m not sure…and I don’t know that’s exactly what it’d entail either but it sounds pretty awesome to be valued for your creative thinking and artistic/trendy thoughts- then skills to actually make those all come together in the hair and makeup etc -all from your own brain and personal designing and planning skills.

Anyway, that was a thought I’ve been having over the past while…we’ll have to see about that heheh.

Like this:

  • Maango

    Yes, that would be the perfect job for you. 😉

    Give me some inside info on the new trends so I can be all like “psssh, that’s so last year” to people thinking they’re all cool and on the edge of the trends.