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By Angela / 8 years ago / In: General , Updates ,



So this is my first post on here and first month on CWH ­čśÇ

Been soo busy lately. & now I am like dead sick!! Sucks but I guess I deserve it haha. It was my idea to go dirt bike riding at 12am in the FREEZING cold, I should of known I would get sick! I guess I should rest this weekend anyways last weekend was just CRAZINESS. I lost my camera Friday night at the club… soo sad!! Only bought it 4 months before that and it was so nice + freakin expensive. I had a job interview for J├Ągermeister and got the job, it doesn’t start til January though. I had my training and OMG soooooo much fun!! My training was working the Trapt/Hinder J├Ągermeister Concert Tour. Haha you should see the outfit I had to wear so hot. Black knee high boots, fish nets, black mini skirt, orange tight J├Ągermeister shirt, a really cute black J├Ągermeister jacket, and…… and orange wig!! haha it wasn’t bad as I thought it would be though I actually liked it. The lead singer of Rev Theory said I looked so much better without the orange hair though LMAO. But anyways I got to meet Hinder and halfway through their performance I went on stage and gave them their J├Ągermeister shots! Ahh I was so nervous walking up on stage there were sooo many people in crowd. I was like PLEASE don’t let me trip over a wire or spill the shots. It was all good though ­čśë I wish I had pictures to show you all… but yeah don’t have a F’ing digital cam now!!!!!! =(

Anyways I am out for now. I’ll be on A LOT more once I get over this cold! ­čÖé Hope you all have a good weekend

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