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is it too early to get excited for christmas?


By Lux / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hi guys!

Well I’m sitting here freezing in my little bra and panties. my heater sucks!

I love all the all colors and changing trees.. I took my little chihuahua puppy for a walk today and she running through leaf piles with her face down sumersaulting (how the hell do you spell that) into them head first and just going nuts, it was hilarious.

My other dog, Olive – is an amazing acrobat i’m telling you she needs to join the circus. She can jump so high over anything and she belongs in cirque du solei. I let her outside to pee and I couldn’t find her then I looked up and she was sitting perched on my thin wobbly fence… the fence is like 10 feet high and very flimsy, she was just sitting there like a cat or a bird. I have no idea how the hell she manages to get up there and just perch, then when i came towards her she jumped off and ran into the alley. She’s such a rebel… i’m glad she’s not a teenage daughter or I’d be in trouble. Anyways i’m trying to figure out a way i could capture it on camera and video tape it but it”s going to be hard to catch her in the act in good lighting. I’m sure it would be a youtube hit.


As some of you know, Alexis (a camgirl here) was supposed to¬† move in with me but unfortunately we ran into a huge obstacle and it won’t be happening for a few more months now. Rules suck! that’s all I’ll say.

I hope all you guys are going to make it to my mchat tonight, I’m so lonely now that Alexis didn’t make it here and I need some company!!

Hope you all are enjoying the fall.


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