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Wellll…what’s been going on with me lately?


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Gosh…finals week for this period is finally over and donewith!  We had them for a full week long and then had a contest so I was around here pretty sparsely…blehh.  I was just so busy and trying so hard to do well which is good because a couple people failed the final test twice and once more woulda meant having to re-do the full 8 week phase one in class room thing…which blows for them and not to mention costs more!  So glad I did well on them all and stayed focused although it didn’t come with no cost…since I had no work time at all…which sucks badly.

I mean, on the plus side I did well on the finals &&&& I won the contest so I guess my hard work all paid off in the end but…still.  I hurt myself today at school…we were sitting in class reading from one of our books/learning stuff and we were going on break so I went to stand up and my left leg/foot/ankle like…went out…like paralyzed style…kinda felt tingly or asleep except not really asleep…it was weird…the only person I know who’s had that sorta thing happen is this girl who had I think it was ms?  Where parts of her body sorta would tingle then just paralyze themselves?

Well…if it happens again or keeps happening I guess I’ll need to go to a doctor and find out what’s wrong because now I’m sorta paranoid…because I tried to take a step and I totally fell and my leg was like jelly and I couldn’t move it or put weight on it at all and I rolled all my weight on top of my ankle which I think sprained it…and this happened twice…once when I tried to walk at first and a second time when I tried to get up…and it was in front of the whole class so now they probably think I have some  paralysis problems or something…and they were all like omg r u ok blah blah blah?  So yeah that sux and now it hurts really bad to walk on it or put any weight on it but not like I can go to a doctor or some luxury like that so I’ll just have to get over it lol.

I had a good halloween…went out and dressed up as something offensive/controversial and everyone loved it and it was great haha…ummm…I guess that’s it for now?  Here’s some pics of my winning mannequin 🙂 The corpse bride…and the contest was for long hair…theme was just “halloween”…everyone voted in the whole school…on our class’s creations so I’m pretty flattered/proud to have won hehe. 🙂


Like this:

  • Maango

    hmm you weren’t a pirate huh? now i’m curious 😛

    love the mannequin head, its so awesome jenn…i’m so glad you won 🙂