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My awesomely interesting life


By Valentina Valentine / 8 years ago / In: General ,

Valentina Valentine

Valentina Valentine

So the past couple of weekends have been pretty crazy! Wow, I feel like such a regular- I’ve been at strip clubs for the past two weekends in a row hahah. Last night, being by far the craziest time there. The manager kept trying to recruit me to work there because all these guys were asking her how come i wasn’t on stage stripping?! I was just a patron though haha, I just wanted to enjoy the show! So this stripper kept trying to pull me on stage and I was like “No… I’m too shy… I don’t really want to do this!” and she finally gets me up there (after I had had another couple of drinks)… bends me over this chair thats on stage… pulls up my dress and starts spanking me with this huuuuge rubber whip… I was screaming so loud, but she didn’t stop… my whole ass was red… ahhahah. it was awesome. And then after I got off stage this more heavy set stripper was dancing around naked (yes, this was a FULL nude club) and the guys start throwing money at me! And not at the girl that was stripping… so the stripper starts getting angry and giving me dirty looks and telling me that I “should just fucking work there”… hey it wasn’t my fault though! lol So yeahh.. all in all a fun night… except when they started serving the melted ham and cheese sandwiches…. why they do that…. i have no idea! who wants to eat a ham melt when they’re looking at vagina. Totally grosses me out!

Hmmmm.. on another note.. I tried escargo for the first time.. Wow.. was that nasty! I managed to choke down one… It was hard though because I could see the suckers on the bottom of the snail… like those little suckers that help them move around… and it grossed me out thinking id have to eat that. Well, it actually didn’t taste too bad, but just the fact that I knew I was eating a snail was disgusting… I couldn’t get past it. If i didn’t know what it was, I probably would have liked it though!

Sooo yahh… that’s about all I have to say for now… Oh yeah… one more thing, unforunately I won’t be around until Wednesday… I won’t be pchatting until then because of some issues I’m having… And I’m also ridiculously sorry about missing my mchat… I was so sad about that. I miss all you guys and can’t wait to finally pchat with you all in a few days and make it up to you. XOXOX.

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  • BryanC8

    Oh Valentina!! Como me encantaría haber estado esos días contigo, realmente eres fascinante y demasiado SEXY!! Sencillamente me vuelves loco…