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Super Sneaky Nerd! *Plays Bond Theme*


By BaileyCWH / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hello again =)

First update: It snowed!! This morning when I hopped out of bed I felt a super cold breeze.. and realized that I had left the balcony door open slightly! I look out and what do I see? White fluffballs falling from the sky. *cries*

If I were into snowboarding, (btw, I’m going on a snowboarding trip in January, pray for me LOL) I’d love winter. However I have to admit it’s my least favorite season. Not to mention the fact that I was attacked by the flu! *stomps*

Anyway here’s the good stuff. I’m playing secret agent over here lately in my complex LOL. (best cure for boredom) I noticed that my new neighbor is acting super strange, and decided to keep my eyes pealed. (Without sounding like a creep, there’s a spy shop in the city, I’m guessing it’s for all the trophy wives in my area LOL. I picked up a couple things *sneaky grin*) So far they’ve driven 3 different luxury cars and they’ve all been limo tinted.. they have people stopping by their place regularly throughout the day, and I’ve never actually seen them! It’s super creepy. Maybe it’s a celeb? Dealer? James Bond wannabe? LOL! It’s beyond me, but everyone in the neihgborhood makes a point to be known and heard. It’s one of those pathetically close communities and everyone knows everyone else’s business.. one of the housewives sits on her balcony and reads daily, and she grabbed me the other day while I was taking out my trash and we chatted for a bit about life, dogs, & of course boys. She said she’s yet to speak to this mystery person and says she’s never seen them either! Major creeper. 

Other than that I’ve finished two new reads lately. Skinny Bitch & Social Intelligence. Two great books, two totally different genres. Worth peeping if you have some time on your hands =)

PS. LOVE House, finished my Reno 911 seasons (LMFAO), & my hair is about to be uber blond!


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  • Jeffrey

    have you seen scrubs??? i love that show. reno 911 is ok. You should teach me how to snowboard. i wanna learn soo friggin badly i cant stand it. but i work alot so i never have time to go out.