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My Halloween


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General , Pictures



Last night was nice. I had some pizza with my family, we ate cheesecake and sweets, and passed out candy to the few trick-or-treaters that showed at my Grandmother’s house. She lives in a small community on an island, so there weren’t many. More candy for meeee! Muahahahahaha!

We watched a few movies, and now everyone is asleep. I can’t sleep, so I’m here on the floor in her upstairs TV room thing. My Mom is sleeping on the couch near me. We were just playing, “If you had a gun to your head…”. Some of you might remember that game. 😉

I could go sleep in the guest bedroom. This house is kinda big and dark though. And my Grandfather passed away in that room. 🙁 Not that I’m scared. . .it’s just kinda strange I guess. Soooo I’ll try to entertain myself until I’m exhausted enough to pass out here on the floor.

I’m DYING to do some photo shoots very soon. So I’m trying to get that in the works. I’ve been feeling ultra confident and creative. For now I’m just writing my ideas down, and hoarding as many costumes and props as I can possibly get my hands on. As soon as I get the opportunity, I’m going to shoot like crazy. I want to do as much as I can while I’m still young, even though I plan to age gracefully. 😀

If you look to the left in the background of this pic, you can see where Tallulah likes to knock my candy dish on the floor. Heheh.

Like this:

  • Maango

    hey bb

    want some candy?

    i keep it in my pocket but you got to reach in deep

    its a candy bar but you may have to tug on it a few times~

  • Violet

    tee hee! ok. i lub candy bars. especially cream filling.

  • ragu

    hubba hubba

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