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Halloweiners <3


By Nina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



   Hello sexy ppl<3

               Its been snowing here… oh sweet canada how I love thee! Its nice for now because I work here full time, so I really dont have to drive (I dont mean to rub it in) … or maybe i do haha! Im always scared shit-less to drive in the snow cause my attention span is awfull! I also have a heavy foot, so to be told to tap the break gently is like telling a postwhore, not to post so much! U like that one eh???

              My doggies made me actually cry when I saw them go outside, I promise u! They’ve never seen snow before and went crazy. To see them sooo happy and so excited was the most beautifull thing I’ve seen in a long time! I went to go pchat on my bed cause I havent in a long time and never again lol, I have such a bad back… i need something to lean on 🙁 Maybe I will just take pics on my bed 🙂

             Here are some pchat pics, to give u a goodnight sleep <3

I also had a super fun halloween mchat, pics are in my forum 🙂 U dont have a forum account? than get one u lazy bum!

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