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By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



How’s it going?!

It’s so cold here now.  It snowed yesterday!  Not even joking…really snowed!  Crazy.

Anyway, this week in class is finals week.  So far we’ve done the first half of a roller and pincurl set on alternating oblongs @ 90º projection, 45º partings and 1/2 off base for the rollers and then for the pincurls we had to do 3 vertical oblongs on each side starting with a skipwave then vol. pincurls then indentation on the next oblong and then vol. again and then a pattern in back with straight vol. pincurls…anywayy as you can see I had it memorized so despite missing the practice yesterday for that practical test (I had to leave early so I could go get the stuff for my contest on friday) I still got a 100% so far on it b/c I did it perfect ehehe…uhmmm yeah and of course we get a small time to complete it all in…which includes like doing every part of it even the shampooing the heads before hand hah…eh.

I think tomorrow we’re doing the practical for the press & curl because we did the practice for that today (which I did perfectly also according to the teacher ;D ) but I felt rushed and like I didn’t really love the style I ended up with at the end…because I couldn’t make it quite as detailed as I wanted to buttt I guess when you have 1 hour and a half to do a full on shampoo then air form straight then press straight then curl the full head and style…on the overly curly hair…yeah that takes usually well…last times we did it it took about umm idk the whole effing day for the whole class to get done…so doing it in one hour is pretty much a ton of work for that small time window haha…but I managed 🙂  I’ll try to be quicker tomorrow so I can have enough time to style it how I’d like because that actually counts for points on the testing too…and I like to try and get my stuff perfect in my eyes because that’s just how I am.

We have our written  test on thursday and I’m studying for that tonight…as well as trying to start on my hair piece for competition because it’s super important that I get it done before thursday so I can do everything else in school…or else I won’t have time to do it all I don’t think!  I have no clue what we win for the contest if we win…but I know I wanna win…duh!

Okay well I’ve got a pretty bad tension headache from all the work all day and testing and being nervous about how I’d do being that you’re tested on actually doing shit and not just answering questions on a paper haha…I’ll talk again later ;D

xox – mee <333

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  • Maango

    It was 95 today here. bwahahahahaha 😀

    I love that you’re doing so awesome in school Jenn. Kick their asses in the contest. 🙂

  • Maango

    Oh and if you need a massage for that headache you know where to look bb~