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Remember Me?


By Gisele / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hello Hello!!! Ya’ll Haven’t forgotten about me over here on the blog have you?? LOL. Sorry for not posting in a while.. A while back I bought a new computer because my laptop crashed, so I lost all of my passwords that were saved on that computer. Took me a while to get a new one set for here, but yay! I am Back! hehehe

So… lets see.. what all is new in Gisele’s life..? Well I bought a new house back in May! I have about 90% of the “remodeling” done.. I still need a few tables and TVs here and there, but other than that, it is beautiful! I also added another puppy to the family! He is a blue Pitbull, and he is GORGEOUS! I named him Tyson ;). So I now have 2 Pitbulls, and 3 males cats! Good thing I bought a house because I am starting to have a  farm of pets lol!

As some of you may already know, hurricane Ike hit close to where I am from. It unfortunately flooded my parents house beyond repair. My family came and stayed with me for a few weeks after they heard their house was destroyed. It was nice having my 2 younger sisters stay with me as well as my mom and step dad. Just like the good ol days hahaha. But just sad that the reason they were staying was because of a tragedy. I didn’t go visit the house until about a week or 2 after the storm hit, so all of the contents were removed from the house, and all that was left was the frame. It was beyond devastating. I of course cried, and thought of ALL of my childhood memories, and how sad I felt for my mother who collected so many one of a kind antiques that were all destroyed and can never be replaced. My family is still not back on Galveston Island. But are doing much better, and just trying to pick up the pieces and move on with life. Pretty much about all you can do in a situation like this. But gosh Ill never forget the site of the house right after the storm hit.. total distruction. Everything was soaking wet and mold EVERYWHERE. It looked as if someone trashed every piece of the house, and then left it to sit for a hundred years! And it had only been a week! Its just crazy, and something that no one can reallllyyyy understand until they themselves experience it. Just horrible….


But life does and will go on, and of course I am grateful nothing happend to my family.

On a lighter note, I bought a new car last week! My ultimate DREAMMMM car! 2008 Black Corvette! HOLYYYY CRAPPPP is it quick! Ls3 with 430 hp stock! yummmmyyyy! Iam totally going to do it up nice with black deep dish rims and some headers & cam! woot woot! so look out! hahahaha Iam gonna have someone take some pics of me with it soon so I can post some pics in the forums! so be on the look out! Halloween is fast approaching! My favorite holiday of the year! I am going to be either batwoman or a race car driver hehehe! go figure 😀 I hope everyone has a blast! Don’t forget to come see my next Member chat which is on Oct 28th at 10pm est/9cnt! Its only a 30 min show so don’t be late!!!

***See ya soon! xoxo***

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  • shane

    hey you are so beautiful will you be putting up sexy pics soon??? 😉 cant wait sexy!!!

  • Fender

    Hey! Absolutely love your vids! I was just wondering: whats the name of the song in your christmas video?? i sure does light up the mood – great foreplay music…So I was hoping you could tell me which song is it…

    Thanks! Keep up being hot and sexy!

  • Adnan

    hey. just saw your shower video, the one in the bathroom. its great. can you please tell me the name of the song being played in the back ? i’d really appreciate it.

    you can e-mail me the song’s name at

    hope you’ll tell me the song name.