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Good Mornin!


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General ,



I woke up early this morning after forcing myself to go to sleep last night. I had to take a couple of melatonin, but they work like a charm for me without making me feel overly medicated. I’ve tried taking prescription medication for insomnia in the past, and they always had awful side effects.

Grim and Keoki, (my kitties for those of you who aren’t familiar) sleep with me every night. It’s so adorable. It’s not so adorable when grim feels the need to try to nurse on my head, and dig his claws into my scalp. . . but he can’t help it. He thinks I’m his Mommy. I love burying my face in their fur when they purr. It’s comforting. Wait, does that sound creepy?

My Mom and Sister are swinging by in about an hour. We’re taking my Sis to class, then Mom and I are going to have some breakfast. I want a big fatty omelette. Or maybe just eggs and some good meat. Mmmmmmmm meat!! I’m craving some buttery toast too. Whatever I decide on, I most definitely need some coffee.

It’s so pretty outside right now. I think I should try to find some time to take some photos with my new camera before all of the leaves fall. It’s strange, but I always find some sort of inner peace in the Autumn. Everything feels so still, and looks so beautiful.

Today will be my last day p chatting before my time off. So come say hi! 🙂

Oh and in case you missed it, I’m one sexy bitch.

Like this:

  • Maango

    that’s sooo hawt

    have a great day violet 🙂

  • ragu

    enough to make a straight man turn gay

  • music?

    what is the name of that song you used on the “tank girl” it’s an awesome song.

  • ragu

    The song is Machine Gun by Portishead