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By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Man I can’t gets no time these days I tell you what!

Moving on…meatball is curled up here on my computer chair behind me. My shoulders burn…muscles that is…shoulder muscles.

I had to miss class today to deal with the plumbing situation b/c no one else would do it. I had to stay at my friend’s house all weekend long because I had no plumbing so really no choice lol….awesome right? I’d planned to work all day sunday but that was when I thought they’d be out to fix it all on sat. so I couldn’t be here all day with no water or shower or bathroom obviously. 🙁 Anyway…missing class today sucked but I had a cold all weekend anyway. My school friend & I thought we felt like shit in class last friday because of the hair spray and perm fumes all in the class that day…but no, apparently that wasn’t it.
She asked me what she missed today in class and I was like- I couldn’t go because I had to deal with the plumbing stuff at my house and she was like- oh well I was really sick and had a horrible fever/cold going on so I couldn’t do it today! I was like damn that sucks, and is odd because I was sick all weekend too. Weird…Idk what caused that problem…I was sick last weekend too and woke up with a crazy freak migraine and threw up…then I felt better most of the day basically…which is just strange…

What else…I have to do a re-take on my test because I failed it on friday. 🙁 I don’t know how…I did nothing different than I ever do for other tests when I get the 100’S and 96′ %’s…so I have no clue what went wrong there in my brain. All I can think is that maybe I was already sick in the morning that day and didn’t realize it and maybe that somehow messed up my whole process…I was really tired when we took the test but that shouldn’t matter b/c I’m always tired now. 🙁 I’d planned to cram in a lot of studying since I apparently need it…this weekend- but I forgot my back pack in my car and didn’t have it all weekend and no one wanted to drive back just to get that so I didn’t get to ;/ Oh well. Hmmm…

I’ll have to study in a bit here instead, I just got done doing my laundry, showering, organizing crap around the house and whatnot and eating and now it’s about time for bed. I wish I’d have had a way to work because I really needed to yet again but of course seem to have had a problem this time around too…normally it’s homework but this time it wasn’t…I just couldn’t even be at home so that blows. Anyhow I’ll be on tomorrow night…I’m stressed right now about my retake test tomorrow…Idk…we’ll see…ummm that must be why my shoulders are burning…Also I just washed and blow dryed my hair when I showered and it feels weird like there’s still stuff in my hair like conditioner or something…what the hell?! Gross…grrr…now my hair will suck tomorrow which is lame b/c we have to have it looking good for school geehhhh….

On a neater note- my first phase of school is coming close to ending with the contest nearing more now…err…after that is clinic 1 aka going on the salon floor to do things on real people…probably just trims or styling or shampooing for us I guess…since that’s mostly all we’ve learned so far is basic cutting/trims/styling/rollers/curlers shit like that & shampooing people…so yeah…we’ll see how that one goes and I’ll write more later on! 🙂

Okay well, I guess I have to brush my teeth and take out my contacts and switch out my laundry to the dryer and make a lunch & study & whatever else needs to be done for tomorrow. Ttyl guys! 🙂

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  • Maango

    Good luck on your retake tomorrow Jenn. I’m sure you’ll do much better this time. 🙂

    When are you going to cut my hair? Its getting long omg! ;P

  • Maango

    Ohhh and getting out on the salon floor sounds pretty fun. 🙂

  • ragu

    *sits down for fabulous haircut