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october sucks


By Elise / 8 years ago / In: General ,



things just have not been going my way lately. finding a house just isnt happening, my old bitch of a teacher is back at school, i have $0 and am sick of being a burden to my family, ive been gettin A LOT of insults on pchats and just rude comments that ive had it with, and now my computer is fucked up. I cant get it to start up unless its in safe mode, which its in right now as i vent to u. i have this kid who is supposed to try and fix it tomorrow. i pray he does.

I only have 8 days of actual class left at school. but im not sure i can even get through it. see ive had 2 teachers so far. i had mrs. linda for about the first 3 months of class. and since i didnt know much starting out i was ok with how bossy and bitchy she was cause i figured there was a lot oi could learn from her. but then she left and we got the nicest teacher in the world mrs. annie. i love her to death but shes just left us to teach at a school closer to her home. now we are getting a new teacher but Mrs. linda is in charge of the program so shes there a lot. the lady is just so mean… its like she enjoys making people feel like shit. yeah she knows a lot but shes horrible at teaching. both teachers ive had have always told us to create our own techniques. im about to graduate so i do things my way for sure. i believe i give my own signature facial. and people look for an esthetician that does things they like. this lady is trying to get me to change everything im doing and do it her way. im not doing anything wrong just doing it my way. she talks to me like im a piece of shit and like i know nothing about what im doing. i just wanna go off on her but i know if i do im just gonna ruin things for myself. i pray i can keep my mouth shut these last few days.

i wont over load u with all my negativity cause i know everything that comes outta my mouth lately is negative. but ya ive had a nonstop head ache the past few days. i just need to destress. hopefully ill be back on pchats tomorrow and much happier. say a prayer for me…love ya all night night<3

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