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Longggg Days


By Skyeblue / 8 years ago / In: General , Rants , Updates



I HATE RETAIL! I work retail 40 hrs a week for the past 3 years, at the same place. And I’m so sick of it! It’s been one of those days that I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. I want to move back into my parents house and start saving money so I can go back to school. I just am so unhappy working in retail and comming home every night to a house that is a complete mess because my roommates are useless and do nothing. I didn’t think it was too hard to load the dishwasher…. Or to take your laundry out of the dryer when you’re done…. Or not leaving crap lying around the house all the time. I’m just so sick of being here. And I know my parents could use the help… Oh well, my name is on the lease until Feb. Then maybe I’ll move back in with them, yuck.
I want to go back to school for Marketing and Advertising. SO badly I want to go back to school. I’m in a strange mood today and I have done nothing but beat myself up over things that I could have done differently in the past. Every little thing too… there has not been one thing that I have thought “but that was a good decision.”
And living is getting too expensive… especially the partying. Time to just stop going out and be on here more. I love the forums, being on here is just so relaxing. It’s a nice way to wind down and to have a good time with some wonderful people. It’s a scary thing when you turn on the computer and the first thing to check is the CWH Forums haha. But it’s a better addiction than drugs or anything else 🙂
Well, I should be working on making myself some dinner and cleaning up. Maybe in the next blog there will be some pics… If I can figure it out, hahaha.
<3 Skye

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