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Pchats and TV shows :P


By Jenna / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Soo, I’ve been trying to work a lot more than usual. I need to anyway! 😛 I know I was such a huge slacker when I first started and the first.. 5-6 months? But I have been working nearly daily unless I just have a lot of errands to run. P-chatting has gotten increasingly easier since I have my TV now to keep me entertained when things are slow! yay! It makes me less likely to sign off so quickly and find something else to do LOL.

I’m going out of town in the morning to visit my lovely grandma and brother. I am really excited because my friend had her baby a few weeks ago and I can finally meet the little kiddo! Excitement! I looove babies haha. Otherwise I’m going to be pretty bored.. There isn’t usually much to do up there. I will get on the forums during the day when my grandma’s not hovering over my shoulder and pchat when she goes to bed until 4-5 in the mornings. Hopefully she goes to bed at like.. 11-12 lol sometimes she stays up until 2 in the morning and it frustrates me cause me and my brother will sit and stare at her and try to will her to go to bed so we can take over her tv LOL. I will be back in my humble adobe Wednesday early afternoon 😛

The weather is STILL a bit too warm for my liking. I want the high to be lower than 78.. is that too much to ask?! the average high in the past few weeks has been 85. how annoying! i want the crisp cool wind blowing! Argh!

Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to Halloween but I STILL have no costume 🙁 . I’m thinking about just making my own costume instead and people help me get pieces of it for me.. I want to be a cute little lephurchaun. SO my plans are like this: I’m gonna get a green corset from Charlotte Russe since they’re usually around $20, little green shorts, green tube socks, a sparkly glittery green hat, gonna curl my hair.. idk what i’d do about shoes, prolly find some cheap buckle shoes in the kids section of wherever.

Anyways, I must skedaddle! 😀

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