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Surgery this week Korin CWH


By Korin / 8 years ago / In: General ,



The past month has been so rough for me.  Ive been sick alot lately. I couldnt figure why I have been so sick. I usually never get sick more than once a year if that.  On top of being sick I have also had a lot of issues with my mouth hurting me. Well the other morning I woke to and wasnt able to move my jaw. It was like that for two days before I finally went to the doctor. The Dr informed me that my wisdom teeth (that I was supose to have had removed 3 years ago) are impacted. The lower right tooth along with being impacted also cracked my jaw bone which is now seriously infected. He said this has been a big reason for why I have been so sick lately.  He gave me anti-biotics and pain pills. I go back monday morning to have it looked at again and then we are setting up surgery. He wants to have me in surgery by weds. Im soooo nervous. They are removing all 4 teeth and part of my jaw bone.  I have never had surgery before and I am really scared.  My brother is taking off work whatever day I have the surgery and taking me to and from the office.  I cant wait for this to all be a distant memory of mine.


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  • Hank0445

    Dont worry bella, I had some messed up wisdom teeth and a jaw that didnt line up from my braces as a kid, now my jaw dislocates all the time, but thats cuz I eat weird and clinch my jaw in my sleep, I’m sure your going to be just fine, and I look forward to seeing you when you get back 🙂