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Been a hot minute…


By jazmin / 8 years ago / In: Events , General , Girl Stuff





So it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged.  I know, I know… But here I am.  I will try to get a lot in to make up for my lack of blogs.  lol.


Things have been going really well for me.  I went to my grandparents house on Sunday and cooked a big dinner for them.  They are in their 90’s so I try to make it over to visit them as much as I can and help them out some.  I seriously have the best grandfolks.  They are so chill and fun.  It’s never a chore to go see them.  We laugh and talk the whole time.  That’s where my main mix comes from, nationality wise.  My grandmother is Costa Rican and Jamaican and my grandfather is Scottish and Cuban.  So crazy.  It’s like the freakin’ United Nations up in my family!  lol


I am getting super excited for Halloween.  I have a few sexy costumes that I can’t wait to show off.  I think I will be doing so during my mchat (OCTOBER 21st @ 10PM!!!) I will have a whole hour this month so I think that should take up time and not be boring.  Jazmin changing… Uh oh… lol

I’ve been going to the gym everyday and trying to eat really well.  It’s amazing how different you feel when you eat healthy food.  I notice things like fried or fast food make you kind of feel lethargic and tired.  Crazy.  Nothing beats the good old fashioned healthy diet and excersize.  I like to do cardio for about a half hour and then weight training on different parts of the body different days.  I am not a runner though.  It’s hard to do with my boobs being so big.  I suppose I could wear two sports bras, but I just hate running period.  I feel like a hamster. Hahaha, maybe I should try running outside.  I get nervous though running.  I always get scared someone will grab me up or something.  I prefer to be safe at the gym. 

I have been feening to go somewhere.  I can’t make up my mind where though.  Puerto Rico would be nice.  I don’t know how much tickets are… I’ll have to look into it.  I need a change of scenery.  


Well, I think I’ve blabbed enough.  I’m out of things to talk about.  But I’ll do one more mchat plug!

OCTOBER 21st @ 10 PM!

Like this:

  • Paul

    hi jazmin it seems like a lifetime since i last chatted to you. I was wondering how i go about scheduling a private chat. Im based in the Uk so im available only beyween 12-2pm GMT (not sure what time zone your in) get back to me and hopefully we can come up with a date and time.


  • ilovekyra

    i love u jazmin ur so amazing

  • gabriel

    Jazmin te amo, me encantas creo que estoy enamorado de vos jaja, lastima que estoy muy lejos…me encantaria ver videos tuyos. dejo mi mail..