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Oh cool…


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



A thing about me for the foundry cams below lol.  Suhweet.

How’ve you guys been?!  I’m sitting here with my coffee and an egg with cheese trying to wake up so I can shower and go to class.  Well I shouldn’t be writing this but I feel like it haha…I don’t actually have time b/c I should be just showering but I don’t want to yet and I’ll probably have to rush…

Anywhoooo…what’s been up?  I’ve just been busy w/ school and whatnot as usual these days. ughhh *stretches* haha sorry…still waking up.  I went out on sat. w/ my friend and met some other friends and this girl from my school lol…was interesting…other than that I had just homework and odds & ends to take care of all weekend…so that was like my only night I had “off” lol.

One of my friends was walking down town with some other friends & stumbled upon a concert they didn’t know was going on and ended up getting in free lol!  What’re the chances?  There were 3 of them and ended up finding 3 tickets and had to pay 5$ for the last one when they were supposed to be 40$ each haha…I was like damn that’s awesome!  I really need to go see my other friend dj soon…I keep saying I will and then it’s always on a damn school night and I’m like ehh I can’t go!  Oh plus I’m broke all the time now but luckily that’d be free because hi knowing people = don’t have to pay…  I wanna go though b/c she is pretty good and has great music taste lol…which’s awesome b/c lately I’ve noticed a lack in good music when out somewhere…what in the hell how many times do I need to hear “disturbia” by rihanna and madonna “hey mr. dj” lol!  Really?  Reallyyyy?!!?!  I don’t think so lol.

I’m prepping for my contest coming up also…I don’t know exactly what I wanna do yet but I have some ideas.  I’m excited to see how it goes hehe.  Hmm we’ll see!  I’ve been working hard and learning everything and doing well on all my tests…my average is umm I don’t remember I think a 96%?  Estimated with my tests and all and attendance which has been flawless but test haven’t been ALL 100’s so yeah…  Well actually it’s 100 right now w/o adding in practicals…because they haven’t added that in yet so we shall seeeee. ;D  heheh.

Okay…I have to go get myself in the shower before it’s too damn late.  I’ll write more later…:)

Oh also my hair’s a lil bit different now…Here’s some pics if you haven’t seen. 🙂


Like this:

  • Maango

    Your hair looks great ma’am and my reaction to your foundry cams thing was pretty much the same, suhweet. 😀

    Its awesome that you’re doing so well in school. 🙂

  • ragu

    do the robot uh-huh uh-huh

    do it >_>

  • YOU DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!11134567

  • ragu

    but i’m having so much fun watching you do it, don’t mind me. carry on.

  • ragu

    Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!