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Frozen yogurt craving


By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Mmmm Im craving some frozen yogurt right now, you know with yummy fruits on top. Seems like thats the latest craze. So many ‘FroYo’ joints these days. Yeah thats what they are calling it…Fro for Frozen and Yo for Yogurt. But Im sure you guys figured that already. You know its crazy they can charge 4-5 bucks for these lil cups of yogurt and Im sure it just takes 50 cents or so to make. Ok Im exagerrating, but yeah they are making lotsa profit. But I guess ur paying for the experience I guess :P. Especially if you wanna hang out with a friend and chat, its better to do it at those ambient yogurt places then a crummy apt right? Haha. There are like 5 near me and theres one that is the ‘It’ FroYo place. Its always soo packed! Seems like ppl go there to see and be seen and Im sure ppl have exchanged #’s or…um myspaces lol there. Im silly cause when I go to the grocery store and I wanna buy some frozen yogurt from like Dreyers it would be $4.99 or something and sometimes its on sale for $3. So I think pshtt $4.99 hell no! Yet I go buy a lil yogurt that is only a single serving for $5. 😛 I dunno Im rambling about yogurt. Mm I want some tho. Yogurt is good for you all that yummy healthy bacteria. 😀

Oh and if u havent noticed I lowered my NAC prices. I might lower it a few more cents too. 😉

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