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By Layla Lynn / 8 years ago / In: General ,

Layla Lynn

Layla Lynn

Hey everyone, I’m so excited to be promoted from NNC to CWH! I found out Friday night when I got home after goin out. I was sooo tired and ready to go to sleep when I saw that I was on CWH.  When I woke up Saturday morning, I thought it was a dream! haha.

So this is my first blog. Hmm, well I have been super busy recently. I work a fulltime job (which I wont tell you what it is so dont ask, lol) anyways, I have been puttin in a lot of hours there and it really sux. I’m sooo over it and want to do something else.  We’ll see, I gotta stick w/ it until I figure out what I wanna do -when I grow up , haha.  

Also, I bought a house in March, and I love it. I have a pool, really nice yard and lots of space, too much space actually, that is totally unused and unnecessary, lol. My sister lives with me, and it helps me out a lot. Its a good situation because she is NEVER here and she pays me $$. She’s always at her boyfriends house, seriously, she hasnt even slept here since I bought the house! CRazy!

So, yea, bought a house, and now I just need to buy a different car. I have a titan and i hate it–actually the only reason i hate it is cuz of the gas. I also have an ollllddd acura integra which is goin to die very soon. I really dont want the acura anymore cuz everyone wants to steal it! it was broken into 3 times. And about 3 months ago, it was stolen from right in front of my house! grrrr, i was soooo pissed. My fam was coming in town that day, and they were staying w/ me and planning on using the acura, so they wouldnt have to rent a car, so it was so annoying. I called the police and it didnt seem like it was going to be found. I figured it was in someone’s garage in a million pieces. BUT, about month and a half later, I got a call from the police and they found the mofo! He was driving it like 3 miles away from my house. what a freakin idiot. I was sooo happy to have it backand thrilled that they caught him.what a jerk.

well, i guess thats it for now. i look forward to chattin w/ all of you! I have had a great time being on NNC and i’m lookin forward to many more awesome times with CWH!!

xoxo layla

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  • Klondike

    Hi, good post, when r you gonna be on chat? soon? i hope so. Bye good luck