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Heylo everyone


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I’m sitting here waiting for the shower…I had a pretty good night last night…even if I was up for 24 hours again.  Fridays are great because it’s friday, we take a test in class every friday (got a 100 on this last one what whattt) which was awesome because I didn’t get the chance to study.  Did I already blog on that?  Whatever…lol.  Anyway yeah…so we do that then I go home and try to nap so I can go out and do something cuz hi that’s the weekend…then I don’t end up being able to nap so I’m just up all night till like 4-6 am or later when I woke up at six blehhh.  It sucks because I can’t go out without falling asleep it seems ;/  but whatever.  I’d rather do that then be stuck at home just b/c of “sleep” because I can do that when I get home lol.

I gotta shower then my friend is coming to get me and Idk what we’re doing.  My only homework this weekend is to read this giant effin chapter with it’s study guid and do that too…not that bad but it takes a few days to complete when you do some every day or else it’d be like 7 straight hours of reading and study guide which I don’t really want to do all at once like that…we’ll see!

I think tomorrow I’ll pchat in the day if I can.  I know my week is busy so it’s hard to cram in pchats during then with school and hw but then on the weekend it’s the only free time to relax at all since the rest of the week is so busy blehh…whatever…I feel guilty for going out b/c I could pchat…but then I’m like no, I shouldn’t feel bad becuase I’m busting my ass all week as it is and I should get some free time…and not have to worry…but then I still feel guilty like why would i go do anything when I should be working or could be working at least…I don’t know…maybe I’m being too hard on myself?  hrm.

Anyway yeah…so last night my friend and I met some other friends for someone’s bday down town…same place we went last week actually…it was sorta fun but I think we should find a new hang out spot if we’re going out every weekend…they play such shit music at this place…it’s all repetitive lame techno house and not a good kind or any good like…electro which’s my fave haha…esp the 80’s sounding types that are popular as of late, or just whatever that has a fun/good beat to it…well anyway point being they don’t play that stuff at this place and it’s sorta annoying…the only place I know that plays like non stop my type of music is this one place I’ve been a number of times w/ other friends, but this friend hasn’t been there yet lol…and one other place too that’s open a bit later.  Neither are busy earlier in the night though and I’m scared I’ll see other people at these places who I wouldn’t want to see because it could be awkwardddd haha…but eh I guess maybe it wouldn’t be so much a bad thing if it did happen…I dunno lol.  Everyone can be friends!!!

I have no clue what we’ll do in class next week…hopefully some fun things ;D  I’ve been putting some pics in my forum of some stuff we’ve done. 🙂  I’m doing great still hehe.  I guess I have a natural talent/skillszszsz!  Wait I already knew that though actually…that’s the whole point of placing myself in school for it…duh. ha.

OKAY- shower is free!  I’m not washing my hair today because it doesn’t do shit I want if it’s too clean >:(  It works nicer when I wash it, sleep on it over night and style it the next day…with hair spray and shit, sleep on it again then the next day it’s perfect and looks awesome and I don’t gotta style it or anything haha.  Why can’t it do that every day?!  Oh well.

Ok, ttyl :]]]]]]

Oh right, here’s a pic of me right now haha :]

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  • Maango

    Yeah don’t be too hard on yourself. You gotta have fun too, not just work and school As long as you can afford it you should be out having a blast. You shouldn’t feel guilty about that. 😀

  • ragu



  • Oh well I don’t end up having to pay for stuff so it’s not that I can afford it lol…I can’t afford crap right now at all even bills but going out ends up free so it’s ok. Otherwise I’d be like hi we’re watching a dvd and going nowhere haha.

  • Maango

    Haha, nice try. 😛

  • ragu

    that’s what she said