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Happy Thursday


By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Its Thursday and I just got home from class and had a yummy burrito. Yum yum! Its funny now that Im back at school at an older age, I appreciate it so much more and actually put so much more effort in it. When I was younger, I just wanted to get out, I didnt really strive for A’s or anything, (Altho I did manage to get them hehe) I just wanted a passing grade and to be done. Cause you know when youre in your teens you just want to have fun and to hurry up and get out in the real world and to work and it kinda seemed pretty darn easy haha! Its not! 😛  I see the younguns on campus and I think, man they have it so easy (Ha a sign that Im getting old huh!!?!!) But really I feel like coming up to them and be like “U kids better cherish your young years and work hard now so u dont have to later” Man if I did say that they would give me that wtf look and be like “Um ur only 20 why are u talking to us like this” Ok ok I CANNOT pass for a 20 year old, maybe a 23 year old. 😛   Not that I didnt work hard when I was younger, I worked very hard and all that stuff, I just need change and new challenges so thats why back to school it is. 🙂

Ok back to reading and all that good stuff! 😉

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