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JTV Last Night. . .


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Entertainment , Free Content , General



Wowwww. If you weren’t there for my JTV chat last night, you missed out on some insanity. There were so many people, I couldn’t keep up. It was pretty fun though. Thanks to everyone from CWH who showed.

My allergies are going nuts. My eyes are so blood shot and itchy. I hate taking allergy meds though. They make me feel loopy. Plus I’m on enough various daily meds and supplements. I don’t need to add to it. Haha. Maybe I should just give in and try allergy shots. They’re expensive though, and it seems like I only get bad symptoms around this time of year. When everything is dying off and pollinating I suppose.

My babies are all getting so big! The ferrets are fatties. Grim is a big boy, but Keoki is pretty delicate. I call him my little Keoki Chan. I need to take new pictures. I just get sick of trying to do it with a web cam. Haha. I’m saving for that digi cam though! Saving up Amazon gift cards. . . *cough cough* lol.

Other than that, I’ve just been busy taking my sister to classes a lot of the time. Which is kinda depressing, but I’m also very proud of her. I just feel like I’ve missed out on so much, and as time ticks away I start to feel like it’s just too late for me. I never had the opportunity to be a normal kid from age 13. Everything just became super chaotic then. I won’t bore you with the gruesome details. I just didn’t have the ordinary life of a teenager. I’m glad my sister had better. Sometimes I think it’s better that life wasn’t all cushy for me. I feel stronger than most girls my age emotionally. But what good does that do when I’m stuck where I’m at?

Well I’ll leave ya with some pics! People always want to see what my big ol’ bum looks like in jeans. Here it is!

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  • ragu

    purple lady

  • Violet

    ruben 🙁 *sob* *sniffle*

  • Maango

    hawt bb

  • Violet

    yuh i’m a hawt bitch

  • I enjoyed chatting with you last night! You handled yourself well in the JTV chat, by the way. Those dudes get carried away pretty fast over there 😀