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Stress and Partying


By Skyeblue / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I can definitely say that I am enjoying being 21. I’m loving the bar scene and the parties! But after 2 years at my same job I think I have snapped. I never want to be there anymore and my boss has more PMS issues than all of the females in the world combined. His mood swings are too much to keep dealing with. So, I just need to find something part time so that I can have more time to cam. I wish I didn’t have to do retail… but I’m not the smartest cookie in the world and dropped out of school after one year. I miss it like crazy, but at the same time it would probably take away from my partying which I’m not quite ready to give up.

As if the stress at work isn’t bad enough with all of that mans mood swings…. We got a notice on our door yesterday from the owners of the apartment complex about the dog. I was stressing out about it all night and hardly got any sleep. I guess someone said that she as wearing a muzzle and stuff and reported her as being an aggressive breed. Please, this dog wouldn’t hurt a fly. I have raised her to deal with everything annoying. I put my hands in her food while shes eating, I pull on her tail and ears, I blow in her ears while she is trying to sleep…. I take treats away from her while shes eating them. I just wanted her to be ok around kids because I have a huge family with lots of little ones right now.
Seriously, does this look like an aggressive dog?
I love my baby! I’m glad the apartment complex issue got all straightened out.. Maybe I’ll actually get some sleep tonight…..
Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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