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First week down…


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



35 more to go!!!  ahh.

I think I may have severely effed up my sleep schedule 🙁  Not good!  My first week went well, so much to learn and take in and then the test we had.  I think I will get used to all the work etc. so that’s good.  I think I got 100 on the test, and I’ve not had to re-do any actual cutting or blow drying exercises that we’ve done so far, after my first try at each one…which is good because a lot of people have to go back and fix or re-do…esp. on their first tries.  So yeah, all’s well there…doing good, doing good.  I just keep hearing the “keep up the good work” or “good job” or “wow you got it right on” hahah.  yayy. ;D  Makes me happy.

What else, what elseeee???  Oh…my sleeping schedule is sort of effed because of the weekend.  I was retarded and of course woke up at six a.m. on friday, went to school, aced my test (I think haha), did everything how it should be done & then wrote down the hw and the stuff we’d need for monday…and then came home, showered and went out at like ummm ten pm?  hahah…augh.  I didn’t even nap or anything and by the tme my friend and I drove back I was falling asleep, good thing I wasn’t driving! :S  We went to this place her friends said was actually fun and they were there already, so we got there and woo man lemme tell u haha…my friend & I were like umm were they having one too many margaritas or some shit when they said this was fun?? hahah.  I won’t go too into detail but yeahhh haha…crazy.  Well I guess from now on it will be a joke because that place was hilarious lol.  After that we just went to a couple diff places in another pt. of down town area which’s nice because some places I haven’t been to in a while, and I do love going from place to place down town hehe.  Also my fav. parts are retarded close to my house now which is just greaaat!

One of my friends was going to have her work in an art show/sale gallery over this weekend but it got cancelled due to the nice flash floods yesterday!  Of course since this is my weekend that didn’t stop me from going out to do SOMETHING…so I picked up a friend and went to eat…then sorta just hung out for awhile and talked to her mom who owns a salon which’s suhweet b/c I can talk to her about all types of hair stuff hehe.  Then we went to find this place that ended up being soo far  lol…and the pool table was taken so we went somewhere else…and yeah…earlier it took like an hour to find this restaurant that’s like 10 mins away normally because every road was fuckin blocked due to the flood and rivers in the middle of the roads…and I pick that day to drive around everywhere and anywhere including where I don’t know where I am going…now I will always know more of that area I guess…lmao.  Oh well…it wasn’t bad, just a bit weird to find the ways to places hah.

Anyway after we found this other pool hall we asked some dorks in there where was open to eat around that town b/c we didn’t know haha…they were trying to ask if we wanted to help them finish a keg off and we were like uhm nooo lol….so we went where they said to this place that was like half a castle and half not with the weirdest outdoor decorations and it really looked creepy and seemed like it wouldn’t be open…so we went in and they were just closing down when we got in there.  ;/  It looked like it’d be neat in the day time with the weird shit they had outside…looking like a deteriorating old garden with giant barrels everywhere and stuff…kinda interesting so I think we should go back some time when they aren’t closing haha.

Ah this rainy weather makes me feel so tired and lazy.  I just want to go laze in bed but I know I shouldn’t and can’t…I think I missed a full day’s worth of sleep over the weekend so I’ll have to hop in bed earlier than usual to be up by six am for class.  I need to pchat and I guess I should have sat or sun but I just couldn’t bare to be in the house again when I could get out…since the whole week I can only go to school and home and it’s rigorous fitting in everything with not even much of a minute to relax or unwind because the whole week there’s just to much to cram in and do including work so I decided I wouldn’t work on the weekend this time…maybe later tonight cuz I know I *should* and really need to because bills won’t pay themselves lol…it’s just that everything is so crammed in and hectic on the week now and since the most relaxation I get is my sleep and not even time to watch a tv show or sit back for a bit…I’m just very much not wanting to make myself work more on the two days I don’t have to because I do have homework to do today also so I really only get one full day off not to worry about anything…and the rest of the days I don’t even get a few mins to not worry about anything much less the full day haha.  ah. :/

I have a whole chapter and study guide for it to fill out, joy of joys…another like 25 pages of reading followed by 25 pages front and back writing!!!  One of my friends wanted me to go out today and do this sunday funday and I wanted to go but I just don’t think it’s smart with my hw and need to work even if I don’t actually work today…blehhh 🙁  I’d like to but I don’t want to get home too late and not wake up tomorrow and then be tired in class and have no work done like I should- or be a slacker you know?!  I’d love if sunday was going to count as a real whole full weekend day that I could go out and do anything because class wouldn’t be tomorrow but that isn’t possible lol.

I really need to make a lunch for tomorrow…I fit in my laundry washing right when I got home on friday so that I wouldn’t forget b/c I knew I wouldn’t have time.  So the uniforms are clean now which is good, I just have to pack a lunch for tomorrow…then I’ll need to take a shower and do hw and maybe I can fit in work with that…but it’s hard to focus on hw when people constantly talk to you b/c you’re trying to work at the same time…hrmmm.  I’m really tired…meatball is by my feet hehe 🙂  Maybe I should have some coffee…it is only one pm…I think it will ware off by like 8pm right?   I’m shooting for an 8pm bed time today.  God how lame haha…I hate being an “I have to get to bed early” type…who can’t go out and have fun because they get tired so early and stuff…blehhh…it’s for a good reason though, not like I’m just that into sleeping early because I love it and don’t enjoy going out or anything haha…I’ve always been a night person I just can’t with school now…so that’s how it goessss.  Oh well.

One of my friends is mad at me…because I wouldn’t pick them up and bring them to some stupid party down town…I was like well I’m sorry but I’m busy…I mean wtf.  Whatever to that…I’m sure they will see how babyish they’re acting once they have time to get over it.  I’m so busy all week…when It’s the weekend all I wanna do is whatever the hell I want…not go do stuff I don’t want to do! arghhh.

Ok besides that last thing I’m good haha.  I mean yeah…stuff is a bit stressful and whatever but overall things are going well I guess…just not so much on the work and making money side ;/////////  I am really worried about that…because I’m already feeling over-exerted being non stop all week and that’s with doing as much as I possibly can as it is without compromising sleep….it’s not possible to fit in anything more into my days!!!  And yeah then I’d do it on the weekend but shit I need some time to relax or I’ll go crazy, and yes that is a health fact!  If you don’t take time to relax or unwind you will develop poor mental health and have a break down!  So…I don’t wanna hear the crap about forcing myself to work on the weekends and how that’s what I should just do because no…if I do that I will never make it through all of this lol.  Seriously…I’ll the end of the week I am ready to crack as it is!  I need my day or day and a half off goddamnit!  When the only time you have to sit still and not be working or running around or schooling is when you are asleep…well, duh.  Ok, well I think I’ve written enough for now.  ttyl!

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  • Maango


    Busy weekend! I am too lazy most of the time on the weekends to do all that after working all week. Sounds like it was lots of fun and that’s awesome. You do need to have some of that too with all you’re doing. 🙂

  • ragu


  • RAGU

    Where did u go. ;/

  • ragu

    i miss you :\

  • Emmanuel Fletcher