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All work and no play…


By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Well you know the phrase. And its true! Luckily this semester isnt too crazy. Its kind of a chill semester, but next semester and summer I should be slammed! Yes Im thinking about NEXT summer. I know its quite a while from now, but I have a roadmap of the classes I need to take and ess so I can get to the end of the road in the most efficient way possible without too many damn bumps that might mess up my tires and crap. I wouldnt want to have to call AAA or rely on a stranger 😛  But yeah once Im down that road theres no turning back. Dammit I hate when I speak in metaphors I forget what I was originally talking about. 😀

So I went to a nudey beach with my friend this Saturday. He’s my gay friend and he is soooo hilarious! Cracks me up everytime! So he suggested the nudey beach saying it had a good hike, not as populated and had really good surf and was clean and all that. And he was right. I really liked that beach. Its a nudey beach but its not required that you get naked when youre on that beach.  So we did a lil splashing in the water and walked up and down the beach and caught up on old times. As we were walking we saw a nude guy jogging. Jogging!! His stuff was..umm.. And u know, you cant help but to look! Ok ok maybe its just my curious nature. Ew! So then we see another nude dude jogging. Actually he wasnt all nude…he was wearing a fanny pack!!! Of all the things he kept on, it was his fanny pack!! Then we saw a family, a FAMILY! Freakin nude!!! =/ Uhh I dont even wanna know!! Thats just odd, so fricking odd!!!!!!! Oh and my friend was pointing out all the penors to me and telling me about his previous experiences on the beach and he is soooo descriptive! I almost pissed in the ocean. Haha. Too funny!  But yeah ppl think “Ooh nude beach!” Umm no its not OOH, its more of EWW. Not the kind of naked ppl you would drool over. Despite throwing up in my mouth a few times, it was fun and next time we go my friend is going to teach me how to surf! Haha…I doubt Ill have the balls to do that.  But I might grow some soon 😉

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