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IM still here…


By sasha / 8 years ago / In: Health ,



GUys I’ve been a bad girl these last few months. I haven’t kept up with blogging and I’m sowwwy hehehe…Spank me!
I’ve been totally enjoying my summer outdoors this year. No time for camming or my computer,,,,,BUT now its fall and I’ll be back to hibernating in my house so I will try to keep up on blogs now.
SOOOOO I’ve been weirding myself out lately with the expression “you are what you eat” I havn’t been feeling well lately so I had some tests done and found my body was deficient in some very important vitamins and minerals 🙁 SO I thought ok lets do some research …..welll OMG yuk ! sick! grosss ! puke! LOL…that all I’ve got to say about what we eat nowadays! No wonder im feeling sick I eat nothing healthy and even if I thought it was healthy …uhh it wasn’t! To many things put on the grocery shelves these days are not good for you. IF you flip around a box of almost anything you will find like 40 ingredients you’ve never heard of and alot of them are making peeps sick, causing cancer and who knows what else! .. 🙁 I’ve been pondering the thought of switching to organic foods and NO meat or dairy…well we will see hahah I don’t know If I can give up chocolate just yet ;-)~

anyways I’m going to ponder that thought a bit more but I will keep you posted on how that goes.

so hugs and kisses till next time xoxox

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