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here kitty kitty kitty


By Camilia / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I hate to disappoint but this is not a sexual post, hehehe. I have had an issue with stray cats eating my garbage lately, well like all the time and i finally saw the cats that were eating it the other night. It is a momma cat and three kittens. Anyways, I decided that night to try and befriend the cats. They are really scared of humans and will run away if you they see you. So, the other night, like at 3 am… when I saw the cats, I went and put some food and milk out and i then left my front door open so they could see me. Eventually, the cat family came and ate. However, anytime I moved, they ran away. I sat there forever and eventually I could move around some without them running.

Yesterday I went and bought some catfood and a bowl to put it in. I put the food out and sat down a little ways away and the cat family came, caut!iously, and ate with me sitting there. I am hoping that eventually they will let me touch them and they wont eat my garbage any longer. Haven’t decided yet if I want to keep them or to take them to the humane shelter if they ever let me hold them.

anyways, that was my latest adventure!! I will have to keep ya’ll updated

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