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Good Morning :)


By Ember Reigns / 8 years ago / In: Rants ,

Ember Reigns

Ember Reigns

Good Morning 🙂

Okay, so I am still learning things here-I DID figure out how to post things in the forum-in the right places-lol. AND, how to host and add pictures to the forum-Yippee BUT, now I need to figure out how in the world do I get a picture onto my blog? I know it isn’t fun for you to read if there are no pictures…duh…

I gotta get dressed in something sexy and log on soon, I slept in a looong time-it was so so nice. And I had to battle with someone who stole MY PICTURES and MY NAME on Myspace and was pretending to be ME!!! WTF?! Thankfully, one of you dudes here told me about it and I had to go through a bunch of steps and make a picture with a sign late at night saying who I was, blah, blah, blah-it totally sucked. Ande the best part is-get this-the dumb broad even emailed me and said (and I quote) “Grow Up. I Don’t Have Time For This-That is Me and Those Are My Pictures, YOU FAKER!”

AS IF!!!!!

So-I got into a nasty kind of mood, which is really rare…and I friend requested all of her friends to be my friend and told them all what was going on and that SHE was ACTUALLY ME!!! Some of them wanted proof of course, so I gave it to them. AND her profile is on it’s way to being DELETED 🙂

I just hope I didn’t have any fans going to that site and giving her stuff or asking her things thinking it was me and just in whole, making me look bad. I gotta say it totally irked me when she first-stole my pictures, name and identity-and secondly-when she called me a damn faker!! SO_I sent her a nice hawt pic of myself holding up a sign that said-Will the REAL Ember Reigns Please Stand Up?!

She never replied 🙂
OK-all done venting-TTYL-Ember

Like this:

  • Dunknation

    You go girl hehe nice job there is only one Ember Reigns XOXO

  • I’m sorry it happened to you! I’m glad that you were able to take care of things though! How are things now???