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Ticking time bomb?


By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



It takes alot to get me mad and I cant remember the last time I actually went off on someone. Oh wait I remember!! Pshtt long story short some jackass threatened me. Ha he threatened ME!! lol. I was having none of that and yes I owned his ass. My roommate was shocked and shes like “Wow!” Haha. Yeah it is wow. Its like seeing Ned Flanders all angry and ess. But as mad as I was I didnt curse. I dunno Im not a curser.  When Im really mad I dont curse, instead I just raise my voice and do lotsa arm movements, eye twitching, and huffing and puffing haha.

But lotsa ppl find it really odd that I dont get mad much. They think Im a ticking time bomb and I hold all my anger in and one day Im just gonna go berserk and kill someone!! Haha. Dont worry that aint happening! I just dont get mad easily and its like dont sweat the small stuff. So I dont have any bottled up anger. Im just zen-like (whatever that means… I just wanted to use that phrase :D) And Im really patient so you wont be seeing me all angry on the roads haha.

Some of my friends would play a game called “Lets try to get Ling mad” But they fail terribly. But its a pretty fun game.

OHH. I do get angry when Im really hungry! So stay away from me when Im HUNGRY!!! >=(

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